Unibrow Sunglasses


Buy one pair of Unibrow Sunglasses and receive one pair to gift to your sister or best friend or cool dad! Use code: ONEBROW at checkout.

Sunglasses can be worn no matter the weather, but isn't it nice to have a pair specifically designated for winter? And with a built-in unibrow, no less? Think of these as the most interesting party outfits your eyebrows own, only better because they’re made to be worn with a matching beanie. Now it’s cool outside and on your face. Ba-dum ching!

  • Shipping within the U.S. only (this time!). Grrrrr.
  • 100% acetate
  • Wipe with dry or wet soft cloth. 
  • Length: 13cm
  • Height: 4cm 

You know what would go great with that...