Frequently Asked Questions

Why puzzles and mugs? Why right now?

Because they’re the things we wanted for ourselves: Vehicles for comfort, connection, and maybe even a virtual wink or two amidst unprecedentedly high usage of the word “unprecedented.” These products are intended to make time spent in isolation as cozy and nourishing as possible, because as long as the sun is shining you might as well be surrounded by things that feel like the home goods equivalent of Vitamin D.

Are you making more?

TBD! Do you want us to?

I don’t drink hot beverages. What else can I do with the mug?

So glad you asked. While you can definitely use it as a cold beverage vessel (especially if you have a penchant for ice and a distaste for clammy fingers), alternative uses include: snack container (ideal for one-handed consumption while puzzling), jewelry storer, pen holder, and flower vase.

How can I learn more about Black Women’s Blueprint?

Learn more about their mission here, and how to get involved here.