Cue the horns and release confetti — it's here! The Man Repeller Holiday 2018 Buffet, that is: a digital pop-up shop that does not serve literal food in spite of a visual identity that may suggest otherwise but will, believe me, still nourish the waffles out of you. If waffles can be nourished out of a person. Idk. Tbd. Lmo. (Let's move on.)

We're here from November 15, 2018 until January 1, 2019 to offer you a limited range of accessories across the categories of headwear, jewelry, sunglasses and handbags, with the goal of bringing to your face the greatest possible accoutrement to accompany the rest of these condiments: a smile.

I have been thinking for years about what Man Repeller would look like outside the cyber-walls of its dot com. Are we a play? A TV show? Books for you and your houseplants? More peripherally, how about a store? A bakery? The best bar in town? A HOTEL? Maybe someday! Why not? That's the beauty of refusing to define yourself so literally. You can be anything so long as you commit to your highest calling, which for us means making women feel good. Less alone. More understood. Seen. Like together, we're relentlessly pursuing amusement and ourselves, and amusement within ourselves.

Until now, we've done this by fostering judgment-free conversation underscored by an interest in fashion where ultimately, no topic is off limits for intellectual dissection. All we've asked in return is that you bring an open mind and sense of humor, and should you feel so inclined, feel free to get ~vulnerable~.

But today we're trying something new to expand how we storytell by creating bad verbs and launching this pop-up of accessories.

Why accessories? Well! At Man Repeller, we love nothing so much as a meaningful sentence. One that takes you by surprise or stops you short and opens your heart as if to say, “I have never been so understood.”

We also believe that a meaningful sentence can take on various, ambitious forms. Our favorite of these forms is the unflinching sentence of your style, a metaphor I am about to make even more confusing by likening it to a buffet (of references and influences and emotions, to be sure). The words of this sentence are reliable in that they never change, but punctuation manipulations — the difference between a period and a question mark, the debate over an Oxford comma — allow for them to evolve as you do, never taking for granted the framework of who you are but allowing enough flexibility to explore how that could change.

So consider the contents of our pop-up those punctuation marks. They're here to harness and enhance the power of what you already know and like about yourself, and to do it with a sense of humor because meaningful connection doesn't have to be serious to be meaningful.

Have I tried to weave too many metaphors into this overwrought introduction? I'll stop (for now). But before I go, one more thing! Nothing from this buffet is priced over $85, and that is very deliberate. There's this misrepresented idea that in order for something to be a luxury product, it also has to be expensive, but the way we see it, luxury is defined as anything that makes you feel like yourself at your smartest, happiest, calmest, best. It's a concept I call You+, which you are free to adopt as your own, and it has nothing to do with how much you do or don't spend to achieve this plus-ness but never compromises where this all started: setting out to achieve the very simple goal of getting a smile on your face.

So have at it! Enjoy! GRAB THIS BUFFET BY THE LOBSTER CLAW! DO WHAT YOU NEED TO! I'm sooooooooooooo(o) happy you're here.

Love u,